Rose Street Dance Theatre Application Submitted

November 27th 2015

Acting for acclaimed theatre performer and producer Peter Schaufuss, Scott Hobbs Planning recently submitted Planning Permission and Listed Building Consent Applications to City of Edinburgh Council for the change of use and internal refurbishment of Charlotte Baptist Chapel, in Rose Street, Edinburgh.

The proposed development known as The Rose Theatre, is for the change of use of the former Charlotte Chapel building to a Centre for Dance and the Performing Arts, including theatre, exhibition area, museum, ballet school, dance studio, and ancillary accommodation and internal refurbishment to facilitate this use.

The Rose Theatre will contribute significantly to the facilities and amenities of the city centre. There will be no adverse impact on local amenities and the living conditions of nearby residents.

The proposal will result in minimal changes to the building, which will be retained in active use similar to that for which it was originally intended. There will be no adverse impact on any feature of historic or architectural importance. The proposal will preserve the character and appearance of the Listed Buildings and the New Town Conservation Area.

Rose Theatre DS

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