Finance House, Edinburgh

Since summer 2021 SHP have managed the pre-application processes for a major redevelopment at Finance House, 10 Orchard Brae, Edinburgh, including submission of a pre-application enquiry, liaison with City of Edinburgh Council and consultation with the wider public following submission of a Proposal of Application Notice.

An EIAR Screening Request was also submitted by SHP in November 2022 and City of Edinburgh Council have confirmed an EIAR is not required. The proposals are for a major scale residential and office development comprising the change of use, extension and alteration of the existing office building to form residential accommodation and office / co-working space, demolition of the existing rear extension and erection of a new build residential development; with associated active travel routes, open space, parking and other infrastructure. A planning application was submitted in December 2021 and the application is currently pending decision.


Finance Development LLP

Project Team

Morgan Architects, PMP, Harley Haddow, ITP Energised, Donald Rodger, Acorna Ecology, Rankin Fraser Landscape Architecture, Sweco